Taste and feel the nature!

On our day trip we will visit one of the Top 5 Croatian destinations in the close vicinity of Croatian capital city of Zagreb, which are a unique natural phenomenon in the Croatian karst … Plitvice Lakes. This unique ecosystem consists of 16 lakes, rapids, waterfalls, small creeks, beautiful forests. Such a preserved rainforest or something similar to that does not exist anywhere else in the world. The colours of the lake that are changing from dark green to light green, blue to turquoise, lure with its natural beauty. The sound of waterfalls in the distance and water sprinkling over the wooden trails that pass, greenery that surrounds you on all sides … in this one visit lakes will reduce your stress to 0 and will bring you into a state of nirvana and happiness. After that we will visit some of the neighbouring dairy farms to see how the cheese is done here and of course to taste it. Guaranteed relaxation, better than in spas, and delight for you taste buds, come with us!

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